At what ages do people benefit from pediatric dental care?

From the time teeth begin growing at infancy to age 18, all children can benefit from pediatric dental care. Some children may be ready to see a general dentist around age 12, or whenever their adult teeth are grown in. Though, pediatric dentists are also qualified to see patients of all ages, including patients’ parents and grandparents.

Pediatric family care in Houston.

Pediatric Dental Care Equipment and Specialties

Pediatric dental equipment is maintained by rigorous industry standards to guarantee safety and complete flexibility for all ages. This includes proper equipment and training for wisdom teeth removal, molar removal, caps and cavity fillings. Baby teeth as soon as they begin growing to fully-grown adult teeth are treated with equal levels of expertise and precision.

Infant Pediatric Dental Care

We recommend children see a pediatric dentist as soon as teeth begin growing. It is very important to see a dentist in order to get your baby’s oral health off to a good start in order for a lifelong set of healthy teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry at Jamboree Dentistry

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