Happy Healthy Baby Teeth

Are baby teeth really that important to my child?

There are many things parents need to understand about their child’s overall health, including oral health. One of the questions many parents wonder is why baby teeth, also referred to as primary teeth, are important to their child. The truth is there are many reasons these teeth are needed for a child’s development and future oral health.

Happy Healthy Baby Teeth

Help Learn to Speak

One of the biggest milestones of early childhood is learning to speak and teeth help fill in this capacity. Teeth help keep the tongue in place and make it easier to enunciate words. The importance of teeth in proper speech is evident in people who take out their dentures and have a conversation. So if it can interrupt the proper speech of a person who has been speaking for decades, it can have an even greater impact on a child who is learning the art of speaking.

Aids in Chewing

Another thing young children must learn to do is to eat on their own. When there are no teeth children are very limited in the things they can eat. Or they are at least limited in the preparation method. Having primary teeth allows children the ability to chew their food naturally so it does not have be mashed, ground or treated in other ways to make it easier to eat. This helps children adjust to eating regular food and can also help to foster a sense of independence.

Helps with Adult Teeth

The other important reason for baby teeth is that they help form the pathways for adult teeth to make their way to your child’s mouth, also known as erupting. This means without baby teeth the chance of a child’s teeth coming in correctly would be low. There is no denying that teeth are an important part of life, especially the adult teeth and without having the proper pathways they may never make it through.

If nothing else, baby teeth are important for cosmetic reasons. Baby teeth are appropriately sized for their mouth which is what helps make toddlers look adorable. To provide a child with the best oral care one of the things parents need to do is see the best pediatric dentists in their area. At Jamboree Dentistry, parents find that their children’s teeth are not only well cared for but that children love going there because of the caring staff and gentle care they receive.