Parent Treatment Room

Can I accompany my child into treatment rooms?

At Jamboree Dentistry, comfort is a priority. Parents are always welcome to accompany their child for procedures, check-ups and treatments. However, your child’s dentist maintains discretion with each visit.

Your Child’s ComfortParent Treatment Room

Dental procedures may be frightening for children, but a parent’s assistance may lighten the burden. When your child undergoes procedures, Jamboree Dentistry maintains office policies directed towards parental encouragement. Preferably, parents remain with their children throughout dental treatment.

However, some children may be calmer without a parent’s presence. In such cases, your child’s dental provider will discuss treatment options. In many cases, parents opt to remain throughout procedures—although dental providers are often knowledgeable about procedure requirements and comfort levels.

Parental Assistance

Of course, Jamboree Dentistry intends to uphold parental comfort, too. Positive experiences are always sought, and parents are welcome to obtain first-hand looks at procedures. Ensuring your child’s positive experience is important, and Jamboree Dentistry is capable of facilitating comfortable environments for both parents and children.

Of course, limited space may be a relevant factor. In such events, parents may be urged to be indirectly present—wherein they’re inside the procedure room, though are still a comfortable distance from their child.

Comfort and Number of Parents

Understandably, a crowded environment may create a cramped feeling for your child. Operating rooms, check-ups and examinations may require limited assistance, as a packed area may similarly startle a child.

Jamboree Dentistry maintains the specialized facilities, equipment and staff necessary to address modern, demanding pediatric treatments. Your child’s orthodontic always wants a warm, caring environment, and your child’s attention is our primary motive.

Full Attention

For the above reasons, your child’s dental provider needs undivided attention. Your child deserves full focus, and parents are urged to refrain from distracting activities and discussions. A provider’s divided attention is potentially dangerous, and Jamboree Dentistry intends to reduce dental complications during procedures.

However, should the need arise, parents are welcome to query about industry standards, treatment methods and safety precautions. Again, your child’s safety is our top priority, and any relevant discourse is encouraged.

Effective Procedures

Jamboree Dentistry utilizes specialized orthodontics to deliver great treatment. Focus, effective diagnosis and easy treatment is a major goal, and Jamboree Dentistry intends to improve your child’s dental health while enhancing their quality of life. Your comfort is just as important, and Jamboree Dentistry is ready to answer any questions pertaining to visitation and assistance.