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How do I clean my baby’s new teeth?

Houston pediatric dentistry

Generally, babies begin getting their first teeth when they are around six months old. Before your baby even has teeth, keeping his gums clean and healthy is important. However, once your baby does have teeth, you need to focus on keeping his teeth clean too. What should you use to clean your baby’s new teeth? Here’s a closer look at some helpful Houston pediatric dentistry information.

Choosing a Baby Toothbrush

Once that first tooth appears, it’s a good idea to choose a baby toothbrush to clean your baby’s teeth. When choosing a toothbrush, make sure you choose one that is specifically designed for babies. It should have a little head that will easily fit in your baby’s mouth. Look for soft bristles and a large handle that’s easy for you to hang on to and manipulate. You should also check the package of the toothbrush to make sure it’s specifically designed for your baby’s age range.

Brushing with the Toothbrush

When you first start brushing your baby’s teeth, it’s a good idea to simply wet the toothbrush, especially if your baby is very young. Eventually you can begin using just a dot of toothpaste about the size of a single grain of rice on the toothbrush, but you want to avoid using too much. It may be a good idea to choose toothpaste that is specifically designed for babies. You should brush your baby’s teeth at least once a day at bedtime, but it’s even better to get in the habit of cleaning twice daily. This will help your baby build an important habit that will carry on as he grows older.

How to Brush

Make sure you brush your baby’s teeth, gums, and tongue very gently. You want to avoid irritating the gums. When brushing the teeth, brush on the inside and outside of the teeth to eliminate bacteria. Brushing the tongue is important as well, since it will help dislodge any bacteria that could cause bad breath. Since you’re only using a tiny amount of toothpaste, you don’t need to worry about rinsing your baby’s mouth.

Replacing the Toothbrush

It’s important to replace the toothbrush regularly. Be sure to replace it every one to three months. However, if you notice that the bristles are spreading out, it is time to change the toothbrush for a new one.