Family Dental Care

Do you see pregnant women?

So you’re pregnant, and you’re wondering if you can come see us to get your teeth cleaned, have a tooth looked at or get your annual exam. Such questions are common during pregnancy, especially considering the pervasive myth that pregnant women supposedly shouldn’t even set foot inside the building, let alone receive treatment. Luckily, that isn’t true.

We Treat All Pregnant Women

If you’re expecting, you can relax, because we will still see you for many of the routine treatments you can get outside of pregnancy. Teeth cleaning and visual examinations can still proceed as normal, although we will not be able to take x-rays due to a risk of harming the baby.

Additionally, while emergency treatments may sometimes be necessary, such as tooth extraction or root canals where a serious problem demands immediate attention, most treatments can and should wait until you are no longer pregnant. This helps reduce the risk of infection, which, though minimal, could potentially harm your baby.

Keep Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

We do recommend, however, that you continue to receive your teeth cleanings while you are pregnant, since the rise in hormone levels during pregnancy can cause gum swelling and irritation, making it easier for food to get trapped and cause infection. Healthy gums are important both inside of pregnancy and out, so contact us before deciding not to get treated.

Which treatments we can do and how we will go about them depends on your unique situation as well as your stage of pregnancy. In the third trimester, for example, it is harder for you to lie on your back for extended periods of time, whereas in your first the baby is more sensitive to a range of possible harms. We will choose the best time to do treatment for both of you.

Family Dental Care

Safe Dental Treatments During Pregnancy

Medication is another question about which pregnant women often wonder. Although the main medications we use have no proven harmful effects to fetuses, we do try to limit them to reduce the risks wherever possible. If you are in pain and need to be seen for a treatment that involves numbing, we will have a consultation to decide the best course of action. Any decision we make about any procedure will also involve a discussion with your OB/GYN.

Here at Jamboree, we care about patients and families more than anything else. Your health and your safety always come first.