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For how many minutes are we supposed to brush our teeth?

The number of times per day you brush your teeth, when you brush your teeth, how your brush your teeth, and the number of minutes you spend brushing your teeth are all important alongside your regular Houston pediatric dentistry visits.

Houston pediatric dentistry

How many times per day, and when, should I brush my teeth?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth at least twice per day. A good first time is before breakfast, not after. The reason for this is that plaque, a sticky film containing bacteria, forms on your teeth while you sleep. After you eat any food containing sugar, the bacteria formed by the plaque releases acid which attacks your tooth enamel. After repeated release of this acid on the enamel, it is likely cavities will form. Why not start your day by removing the plaque?

A good second time to brush your teeth is after dinner, but not right after. If your meal or what you drank with dinner was acidic, that acid can also contribute to the breakdown of your tooth enamel. It’s a good idea to wait 30 minutes before brushing.

If you eat something sweet during the day, brush your teeth after you have finished. If you’re not able to brush, rinse your mouth with warm water to loosen food particles, especially sticky ones,

How should I brush my teeth?

Follow the instructions on the Jamboree Dentistry tooth brushing page, and you won’t go wrong. Remember to use a soft toothbrush designed for children.

How long should I brush my teeth?

We recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes, and not scrubbing your teeth in a haphazard manner, in four sections, each one for 30 seconds. Imagine dividing your mouth into four parts: upper left front and back, upper right front and back, lower left front and back, and lower right front and back.

You can get a digital push-button timer and set it for 30 seconds. Press the button, and the timer will start counting from 30 down to zero. When the timer reaches zero, press the button to start the countdown from 30 again, and brush the second section of your teeth. Repeat these steps two more times, switching to another section each time.

There’s something important to remember regarding plaque. This sticky substance tends to accumulate where your teeth and gums meet. Don’t just brush your teeth, but brush your gums, too. When have finished brushing your teeth, it’s time to floss.