Does Jamboree Dentistry provide orthodontics?

Jamboree Dentistry fun pediatric dentistry in Houston.

Jamboree Dentistry provides as fun and relaxing of an environment as possible for each and every patient.

No, Jamboree Dentistry does not currently provide orthodontics services. We may determine that orthodontics services are needed and in turn refer you to a high quality and affordable orthodontic specialist.

Quality Houston Area Pediatric Dental Care

Jamboree Dentistry north Houston and south Houston locations specialize in providing quality pediatric dental care. Our pediatric dental care services include the following:

  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Pediatric oral surgery
  • Pediatric endodontics

Jamboree Dentistry Provides Family Dental Care

While we specialize in child and adolescent dental care, each of our locations provides adult dental care, too. We keep kids’ teeth healthy and we keep parents’ teeth healthy. We can provide care for your entire family’s dental health.

Medicaid and Reduced Fee Coverage for Dental Care

We are a Medicaid pediatric dentist provider in Houston. Most of the services we provide are supported by Medicaid. Because Medicaid is not always available for every case, Jamboree Dentistry offers a reduced fee schedule. And, if we determine that orthodontic treatment is needed, we will refer you to an office that offers the same quality of financial services.

Contact Us for Family Dental Care in Houston

Jamboree Dentistry has the specialized equipment, facility, and staff to properly address today’s most demanding pediatric dentistry needs in a warm and caring environment. Contact us to schedule an appointment to make sure your family’s teeth are as healthy as they can be.