Does Jamboree Dentistry provide root canals?

Yes, Jamboree Dentistry provides root canals. While there are many pediatric dental options in Houston, pediatric root canal services set Jamboree Dentistry apart.

Comfortable Pediatric Root Canal Treatment with Jamboree Dentistry

Our office works to make every visit as comfortable as possible for children as well as their parents and guardians, be it if visiting for a root canal treatment or for routine cleanings.

All that hurts is the injured and infected tooth itself before treatment. Root canal therapy does not hurt. Armed with optimal knowledge and training, our endodontists have the ability to get the patient properly numbed, thus a root canal treatment is a non-painful procedure.

Pulpotomy Treatment in Houston

In some cases, a baby tooth that is severely affected must be pulled. However, it’s better to repair the tooth if possible with a pulpotomy. Removing baby teeth can result in a bad bite for the child. Jamboree Dentistry provides pulpotomy treatment.

Medicaid pediatric dentist in Houston.

Quality Pediatric Endodontics in Houston

Jamboree Dentistry provides pediatric root canals. We have convenient locations in the south and north Houston areas. Jamboree Dentistry also stands out by providing each of their patients a quality Medicaid pediatric dentist in Houston. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.