Jamboree Dentistry sees adults and children

Does Jamboree Dentistry see adults?

Many parents access Jamboree Dentistry’s accommodating, caring environment for a child’s happy, healthy dental care. However, adults aren’t barred from service. Jamboree Dentistry will see adults. We want to help all children and families.

We Believe Every Patient is TreatableJamboree Dentistry sees adults and children

Jamboree Dentistry intends to serve all ages equally. We believe that every smile deserves full care. Often, children initial orthodontic care evaluations at age seven. While early problems may be identified, many children grow with conditions into adulthood.

Advanced Equipment

Jamboree Dentistry’s equipment isn’t limited to children and adolescents. In fact, its high-grade industry technology is well-suited to treat adults of all ages. Its location’s equipment, staff, and facility are always ready to care for adult teeth, and every procedure is maintained by rigorous industry standards to guarantee safety and complete flexibility.

Adult Orthodontics

Many adults require consistent orthodontic care to maintain a healthy smile. Jamboree Dentistry’s direction towards adolescents has outfitted it with the tools needed to maintain an adult’s teeth.

Diagnosis, prevention and treatment are always provided, and an adult’s dental, facial or gum irregularities are all correctable. Jamboree Dentistry specializes in “malocclusion”, or an adult’s “bad bite”. Often, these bad bites stem from childhood, but an adult’s smile is definitely capable of improving.

Adults are quickly and comfortably diagnosed prior to needed treatment. Diagnosis, itself, involves an acute, careful study of x-rays, photographs and dental impressions. Procedures are effectively derived from such information—guaranteeing a quality approach to prolonged dental health.

What are Commonly Covered Procedures?

While Jamboree Dentistry provides a wealth of procedures for adults, many adults require wisdom teeth removal, molar removal, caps and cavity fillings. These common procedures are well-known by Jamboree Dentistry, and they’re easily conducted.

Additionally, endodontic treatment is commonly accessed by adults. Endodontic treatment requires opening a tooth, removing its infected or damaged pulp and remedying its surroundings. Tooth cleaning, shaping and removal are all covered, and an adult patient’s procedure is expertly tailored to their individual situation.

Jamboree Dentistry always cares about your family’s dental health, and both children and adults are supported by our expert staff. Your smile is as important as your child’s—and we’re here to help.