Dr.Spiger & Patients

My child is terrified of the dentist.

How can your office help to ease my child’s visit?

It’s understandable. Sometimes, kids don’t like dental offices. If your child is expressing worry, fear not! At Jamboree Dentistry, a variety of in-office features redirect stress towards productivity and comfort. Every staff member is always on-hand, and every corner has been outfitted to provide a comforting, consistent atmosphere.

Patience and Understanding at Jamboree Dentistry

At Jamboree Dentistry, we believe dentist offices should facilitate growth and security. Anxiety and uncomfortable feelings are always reduced when patients are accessed—and every experienced dental provider has been expertly trained to offer a kid-friendly atmosphere.Dr.Spiger & Patients

Upon every visit, your front desk delivers positive first impressions, and kids are welcome to make great introductions. Their dental assistant, dental hygienist, office manager, and other workers are available for greeting and meeting when not engaged with work—and each is ready to further Jamboree Dentistry’s dedicated, warm atmosphere.

Your Child’s Entertainment

Often, anxiety stems from uneasiness, nervousness and long waits. Jamboree Dentistry’s office has been outfitted with video games, toys, and a surrounding-kid-friendly area.

Additionally, televisions are mounted upon the office’s ceilings, so your child is always entertained, occupied and engaged before and during procedures. Details matter, and the Jamboree staff has offered high-class personnel services for years. Our patients are always cared for, and comfort is considered a priority.

A Comfortable Dental Treatment

Where treatments are regarded, anxious patients are always offered the industry’s best options. Your child deserves supreme comfort, and such comfort extends to in-procedure surroundings and inclusions. Remember: always inform the present staff if your child is uncomfortable. We’re here to help, and we intend to provide full assistance to those in need.

Our hospitable office utilizes industry-perfected tools and services, and each has been outfitted for your child’s supreme comfort. Oral sedation, general anesthesia and laughing gas are all great options—and each promotes comfort while effectively reducing fears and anxieties.

As your dental provider, Jamboree Dentistry’s primary goals rest upon delivering quality treatment. Your child’s supreme comfort enables great services, consistent action and well-timed procedures. In many ways, your child’s comfort enables and enacts quick, painless procedures. Our services are contingent upon their comfort—so we intend to insure alleviated fears before, during and after procedures.

Again, your child is always cared for—and we’re constantly maintaining our environment to serve our community. At Jamboree Dentistry, your child’s health and comfort are a priority. Our family mentality has delivered previous successes, return visits and great smiles, and happiness is our golden standard.

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