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If I don’t have insurance, what would my out of pocket expense be at Jamboree Dentistry?

At Jamboree Dentistry, we know that parents want hassle-free billing, whether your family has dental insurance or not. We also know that you want affordable options for children’s dentistry without sacrificing quality and comfort.

If you will be covering the expenses out of pocket, good news — we offer simple, upfront rates for exams and cleanings. For other procedures, we can discuss the treatment options and provide specific costs so you can decide before committing.

Jamboree Dentistry

Out-of-Pocket Fee Schedule for Basic Visits

When you aren’t paying with insurance, our fee schedule makes it very simple for parents to pay for routine exams. We offer affordable options with flat fee rates for kids of all ages.

Choose from a limited or complete exam, with options for children under 3 years old and children over 3 years old.

Out-of-Pocket Costs for Exams and Cleanings

  • $90 for a complete exam with x-rays and cleaning (children ages 3 and up)
  • $45 for a limited exam (children ages 3 and up)
  • $60 for an exam and cleaning (children ages 3 or younger)

Upfront Pricing for Treatment Plans

When your child needs treatment beyond the basic exam and cleaning, Jamboree Dentistry helps you understand and choose between all available treatment options. Our staff will tell you exactly how much each treatment plan costs, and we help you determine which treatment will be best for your child.

Jamboree Dentistry Focuses on the Best Oral Care

At Jamboree Dentistry, we always keep the focus on providing the best oral healthcare for your child. We often have multiple treatment plans for you to consider. The Jamboree Dentistry staff will explain each plan carefully so you can find an affordable option that works best for you and your child. No more sore teeth — and no financial headaches or mysteries for the grown-ups!

In all cases, Jamboree Dentistry provides you with clear, upfront pricing before we begin any treatments. When you don’t have insurance or simply want to pay out of pocket, our office can tell you exactly how much each visit will cost.