No papoose board.

Does Jamboree Dentistry use a papoose board?

No papoose board.Jamboree Dentistry does not have a papoose board. For young children, we may have parents help hold their hands and comfort them as we work. We also do the knee-to-knee position where the child lays in the parent’s lap as we do our exam. This way, parents can assist in comforting their child. At Jamboree Dentistry, as comfort is a priority, parents are always welcome to accompany their child for procedures, check-ups, and treatments.

Caring Papoose Board Alternatives

Jamboree Dentistry maintains the specialized equipment and staff to address the most demanding pediatric dentistry patients. We make sure kids feel very comfortable with the dentist, which is not something that’s successfully practiced with many pediatric dentists. Should our young patients be anxious, they are always offered the industry’s best options.

Our pediatric specialists and staff love children and are specially trained to put them at ease. At Jamboree Dentistry, your child’s health and comfort are a priority. Bottom line is: Jamboree Dentistry has the specialized equipment, facility, and staff to properly address today’s most demanding pediatric dentistry needs in a warm and caring environment.

A Friendly Pediatric Dentistry Atmosphere

We make sure that each and every one of our patients are comfortable by maintaining a very friendly atmosphere. We know just how important this is to parents and children alike. The Jamboree Dentistry staff is trained in handling children to help them feel less fearful. Our staff expertly knows how to treat patients of all ages and temperaments.

Easing Your Child’s Dental Visit

Our office can effectively help ease your child’s visit. Our dentists take time to speak to the parents and child to ensure everyone is comfortable before proceeding. That makes for patients of all ages that are truly comfortable and at ease with all types of treatments, be it receiving dreaded cavity fillings or routine cleanings.

Jamboree Dentistry provides Houston pediatric dentistry. Better yet, did you know that we accept Medicaid? We’ll provide you the best Medicaid pediatric dentist in Houston for you and your child. If you would wish your child to receive dental service in a quality environment, Jamboree Dentistry is just the place to go. Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your child’s teeth healthy.