Root canal steps, illustrated.

What is a root canal and does it hurt?

A patient needs a root canal when their nerve is infected or they have a large cavity in a tooth. There are a lot of people that have an unfortunate misconception about root canals causing pain. Root canals must be performed by a quality endodontist, but they do not hurt.

Root canal steps, illustrated.

The Steps of a Root Canal

Our teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes, however, damage occurs to a tooth, either from, perhaps, a deep cavity, or an injury that causes a tooth to crack. If the inside of a damaged tooth becomes infected, a dental specialist called an endodontist may have to perform root canal therapy to save it. Here are the steps followed by quality endodontists when performing a root canal on a patient.

  1. The patient is sedated.
  2. All of the nerve tissue in the tooth is removed.
  3. The tooth is filled with a rubber-like substance that protects the tooth.
  4. The tooth is built up with filling material.
  5. A crown is put on the tooth.

A Root Canal Does Not Hurt

All that hurts is the injured and infected tooth itself before treatment. Root canal therapy does not hurt. Armed with optimal knowledge and training, our endodontists have the ability to get the patient properly numbed, thus a root canal treatment is a non-painful procedure.

Pediatric Root Canal Therapy in Houston

At Jamboree Dentistry, we pride ourselves in having quality specialists in our office, including endodontists, otherwise known as root canal specialists. Our pediatric dentistry practice in Houston specializes in root canal therapy.

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