Permanent Tooth Knocked Out Help

What should I do if my child falls and knocks out a permanent tooth?

While knocking out a baby tooth is not a big deal, knocking out a permanent tooth is a more serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. The good news is that the tooth can often be successfully replanted, even after it’s knocked out, if you take quick action. If your child falls and knocks out one of their permanent teeth, follow these steps as quickly as possible.

Permanent Tooth Knocked Out Help

Step #1 – Keep Calm

First, make sure you stay calm. If you stay calm, it is much easier to keep your child calm so you can go through the correct steps to save the tooth.

Step #2 – Rinse the Tooth

Find the tooth and then make sure you pick it up, touching only the crown. You do not want to touch the root of the tooth. Rinse it off with some plain water. Do not use any chemicals or soap. Do not scrub at the tooth or dry it. However, you do want to use a bit of water to rinse away any residue or dirt.

Step #3 – Place Tooth in the Socket

Immediately place the permanent tooth back in the socket if you can. The faster you get it in the socket, the greater the chance the tooth will survive. Use your fingers to gently place the tooth in the socket. You can hold the tooth in place or have your child gently hold the tooth in place.

Step #4 – Submerge Tooth in Milk if Needed

If you are not able to get the tooth back in the socket, the tooth needs to be kept moist. The best option is to place the tooth in a small container, covering it with a bit of whole milk. The milk can help preserve the tooth.

Step #5 – Get to a Pediatric Dentist Immediately

Whether you can get the tooth in the socket or you have to place it in milk, you are going to need to get your child to a pediatric dentist immediately. To save the tooth, this problem needs to be taken care of right away. Call, explain the situation, and get an emergency appointment. It’s ideal to try to get your child and the tooth to the dentist within 30-60 minutes for the best results.

If your child has knocked out a permanent tooth, contact us at Jamboree Dentistry immediately for the right assistance. Our two office locations provide quality pediatric dentistry throughout Houston.