When do permanent teeth begin erupting?

Many parents find themselves wondering when their child will start losing their baby teeth. In most cases, at around six years of age, the first permanent teeth will begin to erupt. Some teeth may erupt earlier or later, as all children’s dental makeups are different.

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Should Your Child Wiggle That Tooth?

While you do not want your child to yank out a tooth once it does become loose, it is fine to let your child wiggle the tooth gently. If the tooth refuses to come out of your child’s mouth, you may need to have it pulled by a dentist, although this is rarely necessary.

When to See a Dentist Regarding Erupting Teeth

If your child has a stubborn loose tooth that does not want to come out or your child has not lost any teeth by the age of eight, it is a good idea to talk to the child’s dentist. Your child’s dentist can take x-rays to take a closer look at the adult teeth beneath the surface, and if any treatment is needed.

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