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Why do my teeth bleed when I floss and brush them?

If you are seeing traces of blood in the sink when you brush or floss, you may be wondering why this is happening and what you can do to prevent it. Luckily, bleeding gums are usually an easy problem to fix as long as the issue is fixed in the easy stages.

What causes bleeding while brushing and flossing?

Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing is usually a sign that brushing and flossing are not being done frequently enough, or perhaps are not being done with the proper technique. One of the first signs of unhealthy gums is bleeding. With proper focus on brushing and flossing enough, this problem can usually resolve itself. If left untreated and the lack of proper brushing and flossing continues, this can turn into gum disease, which requires more in depth treatment.

pediatric dentistry Houston

What is the right way to brush and floss?

For kids, brushing should happen twice a day for at least two minutes. While brushing, make sure that your child reaches the spots in the back of the mouth where cavities are likely to develop. Teach them to brush upward and away from the gum line. Floss the teeth at least once a day. Bedtime is typically the ideal time for this as it prevents any food caught in the teeth from staying in the mouth overnight, where it can cause damage to the teeth and gums. To make things easier, you may want to use floss sticks or picks until your child is old enough to properly work a string of floss.

Am I using the right toothbrush?

If you are doing everything described above but still see bleeding in the sink after brushing and flossing, you may want to re-examine the toothbrush your child uses. A proper toothbrush should have medium to soft bristles and needs replacing every three to four months. If the bristles have lost their form and point in every direction, this is a good sign that the toothbrush needs replacing.

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