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Dental Payment Questions

Jamboree Dentistry is a pediatric dentistry practice in Houston that provides care that meets today’s most demanding pediatric dentistry needs. Do you have questions regarding the dental payment? Browse the Jamboree Dentistry dental payment questions here. 

Does Jamboree Dentistry accept Medicaid?

Yes, Jamboree Dentistry accepts Medicaid. Our pediatric dentists are all among the best quality in the Houston area, and all of our offices accept Medicaid. We make sure that all children who come through our offices can receive treatment.


Jamboree Dentistry Financial Policies

We offer a wide range of payment options including financing with no initial payment and a monthly installment plan. Our treatment coordinator can work out a plan suited to your individual needs. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


We accept Medicaid, CHIP, Delta Dental, Dentaquest and MCNA. We also accept all PPO insurance. We can change insurance providers at our office to ease the transition for all our patients. If you have an insurance plan that’s not widely accepted, Jamboree Dentistry will work out a solution for you.


Reduced Fee Coverage with Jamboree Dentistry

Because Medicaid isn’t always available for every case, Jamboree Dentistry offers a reduced fee schedule. Sometimes, Medicaid coverage is inaccessible or is otherwise incapable of fulfilling fiscal obligations. Patients proving incomplete coverage can file for Jamboree Dentistry’s reduced fee program immediately, and support will be discussed.


Our Medicaid-Accepting Pediatric Dentists in Houston

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding Jamboree Dentistry’s payment options, including questions regarding Medicaid, CHIP, Delta Dental, Dentaquest, MCNA, and all PPO insurance. We can provide you and your child a top-of-the-line Medicaid pediatric dentist in Houston that makes sure your child’s teeth are at their healthiest. Jamboree Dentistry has the tools you need to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Does Jamboree Dentistry accept all dental Medicaid programs?

Yes. Jamboree Dentistry accepts all dental Medicaid programs, including TMHP, MCNA, Dentaquest, CHIP, and Amerigroup.


Jamboree Dentistry Accepts MCNA, Dentaquest, CHIP, and More

Jamboree Dentistry makes sure that all children who come through our offices can receive treatment. Every pediatric dentist accepts Medicaid at Jamboree Dentistry. There are five different types of Medicaid, and Jamboree Dentistry accepts programs from each of these types. The five programs include:


  • STAR
  • STAR Kids
  • STAR Health
  • Traditional Medicaid

Jamboree Dentistry Provides Personalized Pediatric Dental Solutions

We accept all dental Medicaid programs as well as all PPO insurance. We can change insurance providers at our office for our patients’ convenience. If you have an insurance plan that’s not widely accepted, Jamboree Dentistry will work out a personalized payment solution for you.

Do you have payment plans?

Sometimes, aftercare payment can be stressful. At Jamboree Dentistry, we intend to utilize specified care payment options, and we believe everyone has the right to ease of accessibility and full fiscal coverage.


Preventative check-ups, cleanings, root canals and even crown installations are payable through CareCredit. Before obtaining great treatment, look into great coverage options. CareCredit is incredibly popular for a reason: It works.


What is CareCredit?

CareCredit works like a credit card. As a patient, you’ll avoid upfront fees by utilizing CareCredit’s optimized payment system. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have instant access to one year of interest-free dental financing. CareCredit’s overall balance is “future payable” so you’ll never worry about paying for procedures out of pocket.


CareCredit has been optimized for health and beauty businesses, and it delivers great living benefits via monthly and annual financing options. Medical expenses can be hefty, so CareCredit providers have expanded upon the industry’s finest financing options for you—the patient.


With a slew of payment options for wellness, health, and beauty, CareCredit is a premium healthcare credit card capable of managing procedure and treatment payments alongside promotional financing options.


Does CareCredit Carry Promotions?

Yes. CareCredit’s qualifier program rewards dedicated patients, and Jamboree Dentistry is happy to partner ourselves with such a trusted provider. Patients purchasing over $200 through CareCredit are eligible for periodic promotions, based upon 6, 12, and 18-month guidelines.


While minimum monthly payments are required, patients receive great benefits throughout the promotional period—rewarding healthy families seeking consistent check-ups, routine cleanings, and other services. CareCredit’s program extends to a 24-month promotional period, too, so long-term services are always covered.


CareCredit and Houston Pediatric Dentistry Services

Leading dental providers utilize CareCredit due to its astounding dental attributions. Being productive and protective about your dental health is important, and having regular dental check-ups ensures consistent health.


Jamboree Dentistry cares about you, and we intend to improve your overall health by locating and neutralizing problems. CareCredit is applicable to many dental procedures and treatments, including periodontal scaling, fluoride treatment, endodontics, sealants, cleaning, mouth guards, and gingivitis protection.


When consistent treatment, check-up cleanings, and ceramic fillings are considered, CareCredit is one of the industry’s most trusted credit providers. Flexibility of service aside, your financing options are highly valued at Jamboree Dentistry.

Can I accompany my child into treatment rooms?

At Jamboree Dentistry, comfort is a priority. Parents are always welcome to accompany their child for procedures, check-ups and treatments. However, your child’s dentist maintains discretion with each visit.


Your Child’s ComfortParent Treatment Room

Dental procedures may be frightening for children, but a parent’s assistance may lighten the burden. When your child undergoes procedures, Jamboree Dentistry maintains office policies directed towards parental encouragement. Preferably, parents remain with their children throughout dental treatment.


However, some children may be calmer without a parent’s presence. In such cases, your child’s dental provider will discuss treatment options. In many cases, parents opt to remain throughout procedures—although dental providers are often knowledgeable about procedure requirements and comfort levels.


Parental Assistance

Of course, Jamboree Dentistry intends to uphold parental comfort, too. Positive experiences are always sought, and parents are welcome to obtain first-hand looks at procedures. Ensuring your child’s positive experience is important, and Jamboree Dentistry is capable of facilitating comfortable environments for both parents and children.


Of course, limited space may be a relevant factor. In such events, parents may be urged to be indirectly present—wherein they’re inside the procedure room, though are still a comfortable distance from their child.


Comfort and Number of Parents

Understandably, a crowded environment may create a cramped feeling for your child. Operating rooms, check-ups and examinations may require limited assistance, as a packed area may similarly startle a child.


Jamboree Dentistry maintains the specialized facilities, equipment and staff necessary to address modern, demanding pediatric treatments. Your child’s orthodontic always wants a warm, caring environment, and your child’s attention is our primary motive.


Full Attention

For the above reasons, your child’s dental provider needs undivided attention. Your child deserves full focus, and parents are urged to refrain from distracting activities and discussions. A provider’s divided attention is potentially dangerous, and Jamboree Dentistry intends to reduce dental complications during procedures.


However, should the need arise, parents are welcome to query about industry standards, treatment methods and safety precautions. Again, your child’s safety is our top priority, and any relevant discourse is encouraged.


Effective Procedures

Jamboree Dentistry utilizes specialized orthodontics to deliver great treatment. Focus, effective diagnosis and easy treatment is a major goal, and Jamboree Dentistry intends to improve your child’s dental health while enhancing their quality of life. Your comfort is just as important, and Jamboree Dentistry is ready to answer any questions pertaining to visitation and assistance.

What type of insurance plans do you take?

Jamboree Dentistry understands the need for quality coverage, and we’re accepting of several coverage options. We accept all PPO insurance plans, and we’re available for both Medicaid and CHIP plans.


At our providing location, the patient always comes first. If we don’t currently accept your insurance plan, solutions are provided. At Jamboree Dentistry, all children are given great oral health opportunities.


PPO Insurance Plan Coverage

Obtaining maximum benefits at lowest-possible costs is important. Your network’s dentist can provide reduced costs, and Jamboree Dentistry accommodates for family plans utilizing networked benefits. Verifying your dentist’s participation is important, and Jamboree Dentistry is ready to assist you with any questions.


If you’re using a PPO insurance plan, reviewing your payment certificate information is similarly important. Deductibles may be optional, and our office’s location can assist with billing statements and negotiated fees.


Medicaid Coverage

Modern Medicare pays for patients’ dental services when they’re considered “integral” to coverage options. Accidental injury, jaw reconstruction and extractions may be supplemented by Medicaid coverage, as well as neoplastic recovery options, oral examinations and other dentist services. Read more about Medicaid for pediatric dentistry.


CHIP Plan Coverage

Your health insurance provider may expand to CHIP services. Your family’s needs are important, and CHIP ensures holistic protection via your company provider. Supplemental coverage amounts are always beneficial, and your insurance company understands the impact of secured dental health.

Does Jamboree Dentistry provide oral surgery?

Yes, Jamboree Dentistry provides oral surgery. We provide oral surgery for the whole family, including children of all ages, as well as their parents.


Pediatric Oral Surgery Treats Many Conditions

Pediatric dentists perform surgery to treat many dental problems including diseases, injuries, and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws, and the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, jaws, and face. Surgery may be used for a number of reasons including taking a biopsy, repairing bones, and teeth after an accident, wisdom teeth extraction, correcting a cleft palate or lip, removing an infection, and performing major dental work.


Some of the pediatric oral surgery services that Jamboree Dentistry provides include:

  • Treating impacted teeth, which commonly occurs with wisdom teeth
  • Removal of a broken tooth and its root fragments
  • Treatment for facial pain, including pain suspected from TMJ
  • Biopsy or removal of a lesion, tumor, or other tissue of the mouth or jaw
  • Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is suspected.
Does Medicaid cover braces?

An individual dentist may propose Medicaid support for basic coverage, as well as for braces.


Medicaid will cover a patient’s braces if the prevalent issue affects the patient’s everyday lifestyle. However, understanding the dynamics of Medicaid support and braces requirements is important.


What, Specifically, Does Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid pays for several pediatric and orthodontic treatments. Common dental check-ups, well-child checkups, teeth cleanings and additional visit costs are commonly relieved through Medicaid, and expansive coverage options exist for those under age 21. While options may vary, Medicaid is a common answer to fiscal concerns.


In many cases, some orthodontic therapy is supported. In others, to-and-from appointment transportation is covered. In any regard, Jamboree Dentistry is happy to support patients with services surrounding braces installations, alongside a fee reduction program designed to offer patients the treatment options they deserve.


What Dictates Issues Affecting “Everyday Life”?

At Jamboree Dentistry, the patient is always our priority. We intend to serve our community by invigorating each visitor’s lifestyle while restoring any maladies affecting comfortable, day-to-day activities. Some patients require braces due to medical issues, and some may lose quality of life if otherwise untreated.


Patients unable to open their mouths are supported through Medicaid when braces are supplied. Additionally, those with cleft palates or cleft lips are supported. Medicaid, first and foremost, assists patients needing critical assistance with braces. However, certain conditions may apply to patients seeking expense assistance.


Reduced Fee Coverage

Because Medicaid isn’t always available for every case, Jamboree Dentistry offers a reduced fee schedule. Our reduced fees exist to help patients acquire much-needed braces while not qualifying for Medicaid coverage. Sometimes, Medicaid coverage is inaccessible or is otherwise incapable of fulfilling fiscal obligations. Patients capable of proving incomplete coverage can file for Jamboree Dentistry’s reduced fee program immediately, and support will be discussed.

Does Medicaid cover all dental treatments provided by Jamboree Dentistry?

Medicaid covers many pediatric dental treatments at Jamboree Dentistry, but not all. For treatments not covered, Jamboree Dentistry offers a reduced fee schedule, among several other forms of financial aid.


Jamboree Dentistry Financial Aid

Patients with incomplete Medicaid coverage can file for Jamboree Dentistry’s reduced fee program, and support will be discussed. Jamboree Dentistry also offers several payment options including financing with no initial payment as well as a monthly installment plan. We work with patients to create a payment plan suited to individual needs.

Jamboree Dentistry financial help.


Jamboree Dentistry Accepts MCNA, CHIP, Dentaquest, and More

Jamboree Dentistry accepts dental Medicaid programs, including CHIP, Delta Dental, Dentaquest, and MCNA. We also accept all PPO insurance. If you have an insurance plan that’s not widely accepted, Jamboree Dentistry will work to find the best solution for you.

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Our pediatric specialists and staff love children and are specially trained to put them at ease. We teach your children the proper way to take care of their teeth; but just as important, they learn that going to the dentist can be fun.

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