Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Jamboree Dentistry

Welcome to one of the easiest-to-understand privacy policies you will ever read. Online privacy is an important issue to us and we have taken care to protect your information and explain how it is used in plain English below.

Browsing this website:

When you browse the website at anonymous information is collected to measure website traffic and visitor’s behavior. This information helps to determine which pages are browsed more frequently, what sources send visitors to this website, what information visitors were searching for, and related information.

Visitors or visits are determined and measured by IP addresses. In some cases an IP address may be used to prevent malicious programs or visitors from gaining access to this website. IP addresses do not disclose information which can personally identify visitors.

Using the contact form on this website:

When you send information through the contact form on this website it is transmitted directly to our staff. Information sent through the form is stored offsite in a secure location. Because no online storage is entirely secure, you are strongly cautioned against sending any sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Never send financial or similar sensitive information through the website contact form or by email.

The bottom line:

By browsing and using this website you won’t be subjected to any spyware, malware, malicious cookies, newsletters, or anything similar. Enjoy. For any questions call 832-784-8536 for Bissonnet, 832-479-1901 for FM 1960, 832-662-5868 for North Freeway, 832-979-9649 for Telephone Rd., and 832-501-0505 for Willow Chase.