How to Take Care of Stainless Steel Crowns

Your child may have some mild discomfort after a crown is placed. This usually is caused by irritation of the tooth’s pulp or the soft tissue around the tooth. The Discomfort usually goes away after the first 24 hours. If your child complains of the pain for several days, contact Jamboree Dentistry. Over-the-counter pain medications can help. After receiving a crown, a child may sometimes accidentally chew, suck or bite on the numb area because it feels swollen. This can cause significant injury. With the area numb, the child will not realize how hard he or she is biting. The dentist should warn your child not to do this. You should also watch your child until the anesthesia wears off. If your child injures a lip or cheek, just keep the area clean. It will heal on its own.

Ideally, your child should not eat until the numbness goes away. However, if your child is very hungry, feed him or her soft foods ONLY until the numbness goes away. This can help to prevent accidental bites on the lip or cheek. After feeling is restored, your child can eat normally.
Pay attention if your child complains that his or her teeth don’t come together right, or that biting “FEELS FUNNY”. The crown may need to be checked to make sure it is not higher than the normal teeth.

Some local anesthetic shots can sometimes nick small blood vessels. This may cause bleeding under the skin. You may notice a slight swelling or a black-and-blue area in your child’s face. This happens in only 3 to 5 of every 100 cases. It does not require medical treatment. You can put ice on the side of your child’s face to bring down the swelling. It should go away completely in a few days.

Once the crown is placed, the child should brush well. Plaque and food that is left around the crown may cause infection and teeth may need to be removed.

Please do not hesitate to call our office if there are any questions.

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