The First Dental Visit- How to Prepare your Child

Having the best possible pediatric dentist can be so important

Good oral health practices should start early. So, once children have those first little teeth in place, it is time to start planning for the first visit to the dentist for a checkup.

After the first visit, young children should see the dentist every six months for teeth cleaning and an exam. As important as going to the dentist is, children are not always excited about the process. Take a look at a few ways to prepare for your child’s first dental visit. 

Paint Dental Visits in a Positive Light

Children mirror their parent’s emotions. So, when you talk about going to the dentist for the first time with your child, keep your tone positive and make the experience sound like fun. Look for a few good children’s books about visiting the dentist and read the books together. There are also a few good videos that you can pull up geared toward children, such as: 

  • Visiting the Dentist! | Health for Kids | SciShow Kids 
  • A Trip to the Dentist | Sesame Street Full Episode
  • Take a Field Trip to the Dentist’s Office | KidVision Pre-K

Do a Bit of Imaginative Roleplaying 

Unfamiliar experiences can feel scary for small children, but a little pretending may help. Consider setting up a make-believe dentist office at home and pretend to do the things the dentist will do during the visit. You can also take turns once your child gets used to what role the dentist plays and what is expected of the patient. 

Pick the Best Pediatric Dentist 

Having the best possible pediatric dentist can be so important to make sure your child feels comfortable during their first visit. While you may have a number of choices, look for a dentist that specializes in oral health care for children. These practices will have child-friendly atmospheres and staff members that know how important it is to interact with a child in a way that makes them comfortable. 

Plan to Bring a Comfort Item or Two 

If your child feels apprehensive on the day of their first dental appointment, allow them to bring something with them that makes them feel more comfortable. Something as simple as a favorite teddy bear from home or a pair of earphones playing favorite tunes can be soothing during the visit. 

Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Checkup Appointment 

Are you getting prepared for your child’s first dental visit? Reach out to our team to discuss questions and concerns and schedule the first appointment. 

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