When To Start Brushing & How to Make it Fun

When they see how exciting brushing their teeth can be, they’ll never want to skip it

As a parent, you want to ensure your child has the best start in life – and that includes instilling healthy habits from an early age. Teaching your children about dental hygiene is one of those important lessons, but when is the right time to start? And how can you make sure brushing their teeth is enjoyable for both parent and child? We have some very helpful tips we think may help make this fairly simple and enjoyable.

The Importance of Early Oral Care

As soon as your baby gets their first tooth, you can begin to introduce them to a routine of brushing twice a day. To make this fun and enjoyable, choose age-appropriate products like soft bristle toothbrushes with small handles that are easy for little fingers to grip. You can even find special formulas of children’s toothpaste that taste and smell pleasant! Not only does this help prevent cavities and other dental issues in the future, but it also helps instill a healthy habit that will stay with them for life.

Tricks to Get Your Child Excited to Brush

Remember to keep it light: use songs or stories about brushing teeth or let your kids pick out their own toothbrush with a character they love like Peppa Pig or Elsa from Frozen. When they see how exciting brushing their teeth can be, they’ll never want to skip it! 

Another easy way to make brushing fun is through the use of apps! There are a variety of apps designed specifically for kids that help them learn and practice proper dental hygiene in an exciting way. For example, apps like ‘MySmile’ allow kids to track their brushing progress and receive rewards when goals are achieved. This encourages healthy dental habits and positive reinforcement to motivate brushing daily. 

Good Oral Habits mean Smooth Dental Visits

Sometimes brushing is just not enough to prevent cavities or other dental procedures, that’s when we come into action. Whether you’re looking for a regular checkup or have some concerns about your child’s teeth, visit us today and let us help you keep their smile healthy for years to come! Contact us at Jamboree Dentistry to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon!