General Anesthesia Post Treatment Instructions


When your child wakes up from anesthesia his/her mouth will feel a little tender and sore. Your child will only be numb (tingly) if any teeth were extracted. It is normal to see bleeding around crowns, fillings and in areas where teeth were removed.

Because of this soreness we recommend you place an old towel/old pillowcase over their pillow at night. It is normal for your child to have bleeding/drooling that may stain his/her pillowcase red/pink overnight.


If your child had any teeth removed (extracted) they will be numb around those teeth for about 1-2 hours after treatment. It is important to watch them closely to make sure they do not bite/hit/scratch their lip, cheek, face or tongue while it is numb.

If your child had extractions please avoid sucking from a straw or bottle, and items with carbonation (soda/sparkling water) for two days. Straws/soda can cause the blood clot (or scab) that is forming to come out, which can cause the area to begin to bleed.


Because your child’s mouth may be sore, you may want to have them on a soft diet for the first couple of days after treatment. If they are requesting a more solid diet, that is okay to give them as well.

Soft diet examples: applesauce, jello, soups, yogurt, oatmeal, and lots of liquids.


Crowns for children are all premade and thus are not a perfect fit to every tooth. Because of this crowns can come off. If this should ever happen be sure to bring your child into the office within a week or two and we can replace the crown very easily. If you wait too long their teeth can shift, making it necessary to get your child numb to re-prepare the tooth for a crown.

Your child must avoid sticky foods, candy, suckers and gum which can pull off crowns.

Pain control

Your child will be given pain medicine through their IV by the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist will inform you what pains medicines to give and what time.


Because your child’s mouth may be sore on the day of treatment, you may want to brush with just warm water instead of toothpaste. (Toothpaste may feel ‘spicy’ or burn because the gums are going to be a little sore.) It is important for you to begin using regular toothpaste the day after treatment and to brush two times a day even if the gums are still bleeding. We do not want any infection to occur in the gums or under the crowns.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call.

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