Post-Operative Conscious Sedation Instructions

Your child needs to be watched for several hours (6+) following the sedation appointment. It is important that you keep your child awake in the car on the way home and have them properly restrained.

The effects of the medication may continue after discharge from the office and your child may be drowsy. Please be aware that your child may be fussy and disoriented following the treatment and must be watched to avoid injury.

If he/she would like to sleep after they get home, please place them on their side. Do not allow your child to participate in activities where physical coordination or skill is involved since his/her reactions may be slowed. Basically, no outside play following the treatment. After the dental appointment, offer your child liquid’s, starting with a small amount of water. Once they are able to keep water down, then you may give them other clear liquids (i.e. apple juice, white grape juice). Avoid giving your child milk; it will make them throw up.
It is important after the dental visit that your child be hydrated. Please make sure that your child does not bite their tongue, lip or cheek due to being numb. Once the numbness wears off, and then you may offer your child soft foods.

Occasionally a child can have postoperative complications such as nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. If prolonged vomiting occurs, please contact our office. It is recommended for your child to be given over the counter anti-inflammatory following the appointment. Since your child has an empty stomach, Tylenol is better to give at first. Please follow the directions according to the manufacturer.

If your Child seems to be having any problems, please contact our office.

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