Cavity Free Club

Here at Jamboree Dentistry, we make sure that all of our patients are aware of the importance of good dental hygiene. Every time your child walks away from the dentist they will have the necessary skills to practice good habits until their next visit. When your child is able to proactively tend to their dental health, future visits become a breeze! Our goal is for your child to develop a sense of pride and enjoyment for maintaining good dental health. 

Rewards for Clean Teeth

Clean teeth are important and can help establish a strong foundation for overall health. We also make kids feel a sense of accomplishment for their clean teeth in our Cavity Free Club. This is an exclusive club that encourages and supports regular patients who demonstrate exceptional dental health. We understand that being cavity-free takes effort and discipline so we make sure to acknowledge those who go above and beyond to be cavity-free. 

Board of Winners

The Board of Winners is where we select a boy and a girl each month from a drawing of regular patients to join the Board of Winners. As a part of this recognition, the boy and girl will also receive a $25 gift card. Each month we look forward to recognizing a new child and encouraging all of our patients to strive for cavity-free smiles.