Keep Your Childs Teeth Healthy And Strong With These Helpful Tips!

Create Strong Habits Early for Beautiful Smiles All Year Long

Our dentistry specializes in pediatric dental care services offering endodontics, oral surgery, and sedation treatment options. Proactive dental care matters and we make it a priority to encourage all of our patients and parents to start early! In fact, according to experts from WebMD, your child should see a dentist before their first birthday and start flossing when with of their teeth touch each other. At Jamboree Dentistry we make sure your child not only receives the best dental care treatment but also learns about how to care for their teeth. Our focus is on early detection and prevention of dental issues so your child can enjoy strong teeth and healthy gums.

Our Approach To Pediatric Dentistry

When you walk into our dentistry you’ll be welcomed in by our friendly staff with plenty of games and toys to entertain your child. We care about your child’s dental health and realize some dental issues can present themselves early. Therefore it is our priority to take a holistic and proactive approach to identify habits that could cause bigger issues down the road.  You can read more about our pediatric dental care services here and contact us today to schedule your next appointment!