Lifelong Dental Health

Childhood Headstart

Think back to the first time you went to the dentist when you were young. You probably remember a boring waiting room, scary dental instruments, and care providers who didn’t understand your fears. Negative childhood experiences at the dentist’s office can cause patients to avoid regular checkups and neglect their oral health throughout adulthood. At Jamboree Dentistry, we create a fun, welcoming, and supportive environment that teaches children the importance of brushing, flossing, and more through positive reinforcement! As a Medicaid pediatric dentist office, Jamboree aims to provide the dental healthcare all children deserve.

The Jamboree Difference

Our pediatric dentists are specially trained to interact with children and keep them at ease throughout their appointments. From the moment they walk into our office, kids love our bright colors, fun toys, and friendly staff. Kids don’t want to flip through old copies of Reader’s Digest or Sports Illustrated while they wait for the dentist! Our child-centered approach teaches kids the proper methods for cleaning their teeth, so dental appointments can be something to look forward to. Believe it or not, some of our patients beg their parents to stay all day long!

Building a Community of Healthy Kids

Not only do we make dental appointments fun, but we also build a community that promotes healthy habits for children all year long. Special events like our Halloween Trunk-or-Treat give our patients the chance to have fun and learn at the same time. We go above and beyond for our patients, keeping children happy and healthy through everything we do.

If you and your child are ready for a better dentist experience, call us today to schedule an appointment