The Right Toothbrush

Get your Brushing on the Right Path
People often overlook one of the most crucial parts of their child’s oral care, the toothbrush. Yes, it may be tempting to get that Spider-Man or Cinderella toothbrush, but the proper size, shape, and feel are more important.

Their brush should fit comfortably in their hands. If it’s too big, small, with an awkward angle or feel, they’re less likely to want to brush. Proper technique in brushing at an early age sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Be aware of the firmness of brush bristles. Hard bristles may be the best to scrape away dried food from your dirty dishes, but not your teeth. More rigid bristles tend not to allow the toothpaste to spread as easily. That hinders the overall cleaning and health benefits of toothpaste.

Make sure to schedule a cleaning to learn firsthand from our professionals ways to help with your child’s oral health.